The real estate development business is a very diversified, information-hungry, and sophisticated business arena that requires a huge investment with a huge number of different factors affecting the decision making process starting from laying down the business strategy and business drivers, going through preparation for real estate development plans, acquiring the right lands and maintaining the land banks, selecting the marketing mix that ensures the maximum conversions rate entangled with the highest and fastest ROI – return on investment, managing the flood on information related to projects, programs and portfolios with details on each and every unit / square meter, managing their pre-launch and collecting the expression of interests, the launch of releases with proper time to market and the sales / leasing sales force that facilitates the sales process from leads going through reservation and deal closure, managing and controlling the contracting cycle, cheque and collection management with all the overwhelming details of the postdated cheque process.

Ensuring that the customer gets the best service with each interaction, moving forward to delivering the units to the customer and completing the service with top-notch facility maintenance and tracking other aspects of the facility management process. Having to do all this while keeping your customer relationship management strategy at the core of each operation which requires real estate development organization to track a tremendous amount of customer interaction details through a number of Omni-channels.


On top of all these businesses challenges the nature of this market and the heterogeneous nature of the information required for decision-makers to be able to manage this type of business has to be taken into considerations. PROART through its vast experience realized the need for a software solution that uses the latest technology to simplify, facilitate, and help manage these challenges. We have placed a lot of effort and thoughts to come up with a real estate vertical that addressed these challenges and acts as a platform for your future growth.

PROART Consulting is very proud to introduce “RED 365” the right partner for your journey of success.

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